Cannabis Pharmacology The Effects of Cannabinoids and Terpenes



How THC Can Both Cause and Reduce Anxiety

THC’s effect on anxiety completely depends on the dose. Here is how low-dose THC reduces anxiety but too much can increase it....

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Different Effects of Indicas vs. Sativas? Not Likely

Can Caffeine Reverse Memory Impairments From THC?

How THC Impacts Habit Memory

5 Types of Memory Impacted by THC

Can Terpenes Improve Memory Through Acetylcholine?

Medical Cannabis Research on the Therapeutic Properties of Cannabis



CBD For Anxiety – Evidence & Mechanisms

CBD is getting a lot of press for its anti-anxiety effects. Here is the scientific evidence, mechanisms behind how it works, and upcoming clinical trials....

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Clinical Trials of Cannabinoids – 3Q 2017 Report

Clinical Trials of Cannabinoids – 2Q 2017 Report

Alzheimer’s Disease – How Cannabinoids Could Slow Progression

Treatment of Alzheimer’s Symptoms with THC

Clinical Trials of Cannabinoids – 1Q 2017 Report

Genetics Why Your Genes Matter If You Consume Cannabis



Anxiety & Endocannabinoid Genetics – 2 Complex Links

High anxiety has been linked to genetic variants in your endocannabinoid system. But their effects depend on genes in other systems or early life stress....

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3 Cognitive Effects of Your Endocannabinoid Genetics

How To Determine Your Genetic Variants Important For Cannabis

The COMT Gene – Protection From THC Memory Impairments?

Drug Transporters and Genetic Risk of Dependence

Your DNA Can Determine Whether You Pass a Drug Test

What Were The Top Medical Cannabis Discoveries of the Past Week?

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