Using activated charcoal to clear your system of THC and its metabolites is still controversial. Here is the science showing why it works.

I have focused so much recently on busting drug testing myths, that it is time to get down to some things that actually work. Today I will focus on a strategy to beat cannabis drug tests that has the reverse problem…many people don’t believe it even though it is proven to work!

I am talking about activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a very porous type of carbon. It has a large surface area to which drugs will adsorb. It is frequently used in the emergency room to soak up drugs like a sponge in the GI tract in cases of poisonings and overdoses. It is also available over the counter as a powder, in capsules, and in drinks.

It might not hurt to keep some activated charcoal around in case you accidentally take too high a dose of edibles. Without a doubt it is effective at stopping drugs still in your intestines from being absorbed. But when it comes to drug testing, nobody can agree on whether it works!

Vice tried to investigate it, but the expert they consulted got it wrong:

“As for the activated charcoal pills, it turns out that I may have been led astray by the internet…he told me that, basically, they’re bunk.

Herb suggests that it works, listing it as something that can be done a few days before the test:

“Some additional helpful supplements to try a few days before a test include…activated charcoal (only if the THC is still in your digestive tract)”

I’m not totally sure what they’re talking about though..if you know you have a drug test coming up in a few days, why would you still be taking THC?

Even on a number of websites where physicians answered this question, they all gave wrong information:

“If you are asking if taking charcoal in order to pass a drug test – there is no basis to believe that this would have any significant effect on the levels or length of detection of common drugs in urine, hair or saliva tests”

Most of this confusion comes from a lack of knowledge about the properties of THC metabolites. That is why I am here to drop some science and set the record straight.

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Enterohepatic Recirculation of THC Metabolites

The fundamental misunderstanding about whether activated charcoal works comes down to one question. After THC has been completely absorbed, do its metabolites go into the GI tract where they can be absorbed by the activated charcoal? Most people think that’s not possible, but the answer is yes. The reason why: enterohepatic recirculation.

Enterohepatic recirculation of THC-COOH

After you ingest cannabis, your body converts THC to the THC-COOH metabolite and then the THC-COO-glucuronide metabolite. The addition of the glucuronide is like a tag that targets the metabolite to be removed from your body. It is excreted into your urine and is the primary metabolite detected in drug tests.

It is also sent into the bile by your liver. Two studies (here and here) have tested the bile of cadavers for THC and metabolites. The THC-COO-glucuronide metabolite was found in incredibly high levels in the bile with a median concentration of 17 uM. Your body produces about 600 mL of bile every day, so this is the equivalent of about 3 mg of THC excreted into your GI tract on a daily basis.

What happens to the metabolite once it is in your bile? Upon eating a meal, your body secretes bile into the GI tract. Since glucuronide metabolites are large and polar, they cannot be reabsorbed from the intestine. The idea is that it will be excreted in your feces. However, thanks to enzymes produced by the bacteria in your gut, most of the THC-COO-glucuronide is converted back to THC-COOH. The THC-COOH metabolite is then reabsorbed into the blood, where it can start the entire cycle over again.

This quantity of THC metabolites circulating through your bile and intestines represents a significant store that is completely separate from the commonly known fat storage. However, unlike the THC metabolites in fat that are basically inaccessible, we can use activated charcoal to interrupt this recirculation and clear the THC metabolites from our bodies. Once activated charcoal binds the metabolites, then they cannot be reabsorbed and you will poop them out.

Does Activated Charcoal Bind THC Metabolites?

One obvious prerequisite for activated charcoal to work is that it needs to bind THC metabolites. One study assessed this and showed that it does. 5 mg of activated charcoal was able to completely bind 1 mg of either the THC-COOH or THC-COO-glucuronide metabolites (and maybe even more, but they only tested up to 1 mg).

Dietary fiber (in the form of wheat bran) was also able to bind these metabolites. Although an appealing alternative to activated charcoal, a lot more was required – even 250 mg of wheat bran was not able to bind all of the THC metabolites. Fiber also did not bind the glucuronide metabolite as well as THC-COOH.

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Clinical Evidence that Activated Charcoal Removes THC Metabolites

Based on the above information, we have a strong, although theoretical, reason to use activated charcoal. But it gets better…a full clinical study was conducted just to see the effects of activated charcoal on THC metabolites. It does not get any better than this!

Eight subjects were dosed intravenously with the THC-COOH metabolite on two occasions. They were randomly assigned to receive the first dose with or without activated charcoal and then crossed over to the other condition on the second dose.

They dosed 5 g of the activated charcoal at 6 different timepoints: 15 min before the THC-COOH dose and 5 min, 2, 4, 7 and 10 h after the dose (for a total of 30 g charcoal).

Activated charcoal reduced serum THC-COOH metabolite levels by 45%

By 24 hours after the dose, the serum THC-COOH concentrations were 45% lower when subjects were treated with activated charcoal.  I suspect that if activated charcoal was given continuously, rather than just for the first 10 hours, the concentrations would have continued to separate further.

Activated charcoal reduced the amount of THC-COO-glucuronide metabolite excreted into the urine by 21%.

The amount of THC-COO-glucuronide excreted into the urine was reduced 21% with the activated charcoal treatment.  THC-COO-glucuronide also reached undetectable levels in urine a full day earlier with activated charcoal.

Again, this is after just a single day of activated charcoal dosing. I expect results would be even better with multiple days of dosing.

Using Activated Charcoal to Clear Your Body of THC Metabolites

Here is my recommended regimen of activated charcoal to reduce levels of THC metabolites and prepare for a drug test: Buy activated charcoal on Amazon

  • Take 10 g prior to each meal of the day (a total of 30 g a day).
  • Activated charcoal carries a risk of constipation. Take it with plenty of water.
  • If you do experience constipation or other side effects, you can reduce the dose to 5 g prior to each meal.
  • Take the activated charcoal for 2 consecutive days each week, and then take a 5 day break.
  • On the days that you do not use the activated charcoal, eat meals with a lot of fiber or take fiber supplements.
  • Repeat this regimen from the time you want to detox until the time of the drug test. The more time you have, the better.
  • Activated charcoal may bind to medications and dietary supplements and prevent their absorption. Consult your physician if you take medications.

[Always test yourself to know whether you’ll pass! Here are the test strips I recommend.]

Last modified: October 17, 2017

54 Responses to " Activated Charcoal – Why It Clears THC Metabolites "

  1. Fred says:

    Thanks Prof !

  2. T says:

    Wow, your site is a welcome oasis in the horrendous desert wasteland of credible/helpful ‘info’ on the topic of THC testing–thank you!!! I hadn’t heard about charcoal before and, having a test coming up in the next week or so, and 10 days clean right now, of course I’d like to give myself every chance so thought I’d try it (I’m fairly fit/thin, so going the fat-burning exercise/diet route).

    However: I purchased an over-the-counter bottle of activated charcaol, CharcoCaps. The recommended dosage says 2 capsules per meal/use, which is 520 mg, and says not to exceed 16 capsules per day, which would be 4160 mg. But your recommended dosage is 10 g per meal/30 g per day…that’s about 116 capsules a day, more than a bottle a day and over 7x recommended dosage! Is this really correct?? Is this good for you??


    • Hi T,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      CharcoCaps are made to treat gas and bloating, which don’t require a high dose. 30 g per day for 2 days is perfectly safe (although constipation is possible). It is actually much lower than the doses used in the ER for poisoning. That being said, we don’t actually know what the minimum effective dose is to remove THC metabolites. I recommend 30 g since this was the dose used in the clinical study that I cite in this article.

      I would probably use a different brand based on how small the capsule sizes are. When I have time, I am going to do some research into the best brands for this use and post them.

      • bp says:

        I’m also super-grateful for your work here, Prof! I’m almost 2 weeks clean in preparation for an upcoming test. I’m most likely clean anyway, since I’m pretty moderate and smoke low-THC high-CBD strains, but doing your weekly regimen just to be safe. Last weekend I took a ton of capsules and did have the common side-effect. This past week, though, I found coconut charcoal in powder form, and am finding it’s a lot more economical, convenient, and pleasant than slamming 20-100 pills. The product I found was available at a Natural Grocers. I’ll post again at some point and let you know if the side-effects are better with the powder. It doesn’t taste great, but I definitely prefer it to all the pills.

        • I agree that this probably isn’t so good in pill form. The pill sizes are just too small and so you have to take too many. It seems like buying the powder is the way to go.

  3. G H says:

    Great article! It was very helpful. One thing I’m not clear about is the effect of activated charcoal on thc-cooh that’s already stored in fat. Will activated charcoal help to reduce it if taken over the course of a couple of weeks? It makes sense that it would reduce it in the study where the thc-cooh and activated charcoal were introduced into the subjects at the same time. Thanks!

    • You make a good point that the study does not perfectly recreate the situation of someone who has taken cannabis since they intravenously infuse the THC-COOH metabolite directly. However, I am fully confident that it would still work for someone who has taken THC. As I point out in the article, THC-COO-glucuronide was found in very high levels in the bile of cannabis users. This indicates that a lot of enterohepatic recirculation is happening in cannabis users. If you use activated charcoal to block this cycling, then you will get lower blood THC-COOH levels since little will be reabsorbed from the GI. The more you lower blood levels, the more will move out of fat, since fat and blood levels are always in an equilibrium

  4. bp says:

    One other question for you–you mention taking fiber supplements on days when you’re *not* taking the charcoal. Is there any reason not to take fiber on days when you are? Might the extra fiber interfere with the absorption of thc-cooh into the charcoal? Doesn’t seem like this would be the case, but just want to make sure.

    • There’s no reason you can’t eat fiber every day (in fact it’s probably good for preventing any possible constipation from the activated charcoal). It’s just that it probably won’t do anything extra since the activated charcoal is so efficient at adsorbing the THC metabolite molecules.

  5. bp says:

    Hi Prof,

    Thanks for all your quick responses and all the solid info. One last question before my test–I’m not planning to drink a ton of water before my test, but I tend to stay pretty hydrated, and don’t want to produce a dilute sample because it just won’t look very good. Is it a myth that eating red meat in the 24 hours before giving the sample will raise creatinine levels and reduce the odds of it testing as diluted? Also, does it make sense to drink gatorade vs. water or simply eat something salty to raise specific gravity? I don’t really want to take B complex vitamins because they make urine neon and i doubt u/a labs are just looking at samples to determine if they’re dilute (as opposed to testing creatinine & SG, which I know Quest does). See for more info.

    • Funny you should ask this, because I am starting to research another article on this exact topic. You should definitely be hydrating right before the test to the maximum amount possible without failing the specimen validity testing. The problem is that no one gives any advice based on science about what a good regimen is. Eating red meat should increase urine creatinine, but I haven’t yet looked into how much and for how long. Gatorade is probably better than water so that more electrolytes are in the urine to increase specific gravity, but probably lots of things can raise specific gravity. The B vitamins couldn’t hurt, as I think a tester could reject a very clear sample as being diluted based on visual inspection. I wouldn’t depend on this alone though. I hope I can give you some better advice soon when I finish researching and writing the article.

      • bp says:

        Hi Prof,

        I already took the test, and am pretty sure I passed since I home-tested (voiding half my bladder immediately before going in to submit sample) w/ a nice bold line. However, my urine was ‘straw-colored’ and not really yellow, so I’m concerned it could be identified as dilute. I did eat a nice big bowl of beef Ramen (w/ extra beef) the night before to increase creatinine, sipped powerade in the hour before (didn’t drink more than 20 oz in the 1.5 hrs before testing, though), and had a bag of salted peanuts in the hour before to increase SG. I’m probably not going to smoke until I hear from HR, but have been poking around the internet anyway trying to figure out my odds of having a dilute sample and needing to retest… Looks like I’ll be fine since I didn’t exactly chug water, just stayed hydrated, but better safe than sorry for now…

        Anyway, in my obsessive researching I found this manual for MROs which might be helpful for your articles in general:…/MRO_Manual_2010_100908.doc Also found this study on plasma creatinine following meat meal, which might help with the article you’re working on:

        Quest is a SAMHSA-certified lab. It looks as if a dilute/positive/invalid sample triggers Medical Review Officer (MRO) to call “as soon as possible” and “usually within 24 hours” of such results, so, if I don’t hear from an MRO w/in a few business days, I should be good, right?

        Clearly not in a rush to smoke,


  6. x says:

    Dear Prof of Pot,

    You are truly amazing, seriously thank you for clearing up so many misconceptions about drug testing while providing beneficial information to beating one. It sucks abstaining from smoking, but reading your articles makes it suck less. Thanks a toooooooooon!!!!!!

  7. KD says:

    How can i tell how much im getting per use/dose? Im reading some of the labels for powders i see on amazon etc and i see no concentration information. Thank you so much for scientifically based information!

    • Prof of Pot says:

      If you are using powder, you can divide the size of the package by how much you want to take. For example, if you buy 100 g of powder and take 10 g with each meal, then take about 10% of the package each time. It doesn’t have to be super exact.

  8. NotRichardNixonsBitch,Bitch! says:

    Anecdotal evidence for you:

    160 pounds 6’2″ male. Pre-employment drug screening. Smoked multiple times a day for years, maybe an average of .25 – .5 grams a day. Found out I had a drug test. Abstained completely for 5.5 days. Took about 10 grams of activated charcoal once a day the last two whole days. On the day of the test I drank more water than any sane person ever should – was pissing about every 20 minutes – started hydrating 5 hours before the test. 2.5 hours before the test I drank a XXXXXXXX “detox” drink. PASSED THE TEST THANK DOG! Now I get to start a new career after a lifetime of hard work in school. Thank you for offering this well reasoned and researched information!

    A note to anyone reading this. I currently have no idea how to view the results myself. It is entirely possible that my employer saw the results and decided to gloss over the THC if it was there. Although I doubt this happened since they are a large well known staffing agency and I am now being employed by a fortune 500 company.

    PotProf – please write an article about overhydrating immediately before the test, as I feel this is an effective technique if done safely and in combination with a nutrient beverage such as XXXXXX to offset a possible ‘dilute’ sample.


    • Prof of Pot says:

      Wow, you passed in very little time for how much you smoke! It’s probably a combination of all things – low body fat, charcoal, and drinking a ton of water. I have an article on overhydrating half written, but I’ve been working on some other topics lately and haven’t had time to finish it. Everybody should be diluting their urine before the test though. I am going to give details on exactly how much to drink and what else to take so that you don’t run into issues with low creatinine, low specific gravity, etc. Hopefully I can finish it up by next month.

  9. Jusswavy says:

    Am I being sabatoged? The drug test I tested for my urine and came at a metabolite level of 47 I believe this is the third time it came back on the same level!!! It’s been then 70 plus days since I smoked weed an I weigh like 105 and very skinny but have some fat on me.. So am I right? Am I being sabotaged?? My home is a smoke free home btw an I don’t hang with anyone who smokes weed!! I need some answers before I lose my mind lol

    • Prof of Pot says:

      It does seem suspicious. It would be possible to come back at the same metabolite level two times in a row. Even though metabolite levels are always dropping on average once you quit smoking, there is a ton of variability from sample to sample, depending on hydration and other factors. So it is possible to measure the same metabolite level 2 times in a row, but the chances of it coming in at exactly the same level for 3 times in a row is incredibly unlikely. Plus, you should come up clear by 70+ days. Do you know which lab carried out the testing? It would be difficult to sabotage the sample if they are a legit lab. False positives are possible, although very rare if they are using GC/MS. Maybe you can explain to your employer that there must be an error in the test for it to come back at the exact same metabolite level 3 times.

  10. Lou says:

    Great article! If we use a smaller dose (5g/day) can we take the charcoal more frequent than 2 days on/5 days off?

    • Prof of Pot says:

      Sure, some people take small amounts every day because they believe it is detoxifying (I don’t mean specifically for THC metabolites, but just in general). 5 g is still a pretty big amount though. You may end up with some constipation. But if you do start getting any side effects, then just stop taking the charcoal. You can also take fiber on days you don’t take the charcoal.

  11. Jody says:

    Hi Doc! Is there a benefit to taking charcoal every day preceding a drug test, or is it overkill? Let’s say for example you have a week before a drug test. Would it make sense to take charcoal every day (minus the potential for constipation?), or do you think there’s a “cutoff” for how much is helpful/clearing?


    • Prof of Pot says:

      The more days you take it, the faster it will clear. Fiber also helps (although it is not as efficient as the activated charcoal). If you only have a week, you could try it every day. There is a cutoff for how much you take at a time though – at a certain point you are taking more than is necessary to bind all of the metabolite that is released in the bile.

  12. Brian says:

    Hi Doc.
    I’ve always suspected that AC does remove metabalites and with other toxins.

    You see on the internet about all the na Sayers. But you mentioned Entropathic Circulation. Along with that process a lot of people fail to think and lack basic biology. Inside the small intestines are villis and micro villies.

    Those micro villies contain small blood vessels. They are usually one cell thick. So do you think along with E. Circulation it’s possible for the blood being cleaned directly through the small intestine? Since AC has a +/- attraction to molecules. It would be easy for molecules with +/- to travel through single cells.

    I take AC periodically to help with gas and bloat. But since I’ve seen the article. I’ve tryed and experiment on myself.

    I smoke and drink beer daily. Usually about .5 gram of high grade and usually 2 4 packs.

    The last couple weeks I’ve taking 2 capsules of AC in the morning before I go to work. A total of 560mg or 5.6 grams. I started at the end of July.

    One thing I’ve noticed is does appear to be some truth with this article. I’ve noticed my tolerance to both beer and weed has dropped. So I guess that it’s giving me a T-break.

    I’m going to continue taking AC. May order test strips next week.

    Also I’ve seen other web pages that filtering urine directly through AC cleans it too.

    • Prof of Pot says:

      There is a specific name for what you are describing – it is called exsorption (it is like the opposite of absorption). I couldn’t find any studies on whether significant exsorption happens with THC or its metabolites. It is possible, so I wouldn’t rule it out.

      Filtering the urine through AC should work too, although I wonder whether it would also discolor it or remove creatinine, which could cause sample rejection. I haven’t read about this technique yet, so thanks for mentioning it.

  13. Temple says:

    American Botanical Pharmacy’s Intestinal Formula #2 contains Activated Willow Charcoal and should be taken with Intestinal Formula #1 to avoid constipation. I prefer the packets of #2, or loose powder of #2 to the pills of #2. Available at or 800-herb-doc. Best products out there for cleansing, detoxing and superior nutrition.

  14. Big rig billy says:

    Prof;, I am scared as hell. I have that dreaded probation. Last month, I admitted to drinking and had to sign a admission of use just so he wouldn’t test me. Though he said it was my last free bee. Next time I will serve at least 30 days. It’s been at least 1 week[7 days]. I have 7-8 more days before I meet my babysitter again. My misses just finally decided to enlighten me of this charcoal theory. What all exactly should I do and in what steps. I need to pass!.. thanks

  15. &rew says:

    First of all thank you for this blog and not supporting any specific product or brand. It really helps show the legitimacy of your website and that you’re not out to just make money off desperate people. This has been probably one of if not the most useful website for valid and educated information on thc detox. I truly believe the activated charcoal has contributed to my clean urine.

  16. Jim says:

    How do I consume the activated charcoal? I have the food grade powder. But I don’t know how to consume it…. Don’t want to stain my mouth black.

  17. John says:

    This article states that AC only removes toxins in the digestive tract and is ineffective with THC COOH I’m fat cells.

  18. Green says:

    Hey Prof, great article, and website in general. You have convinced me to try this regimen in order to become clean ASAP as I have a potential drug test coming up. I was curious about one thing though that you mentioned in a reply to someone else’s comment.

    On May 8th, in response to GH’s question, you wrote “The more you lower [THC-COOH] blood levels, the more will move out of fat, since fat and blood levels are always in an equilibrium.”

    I was hoping you could elaborate more on how this equilibrium works, as I am not familiar with that. Perhaps it is some unknown ratio of fat:blood levels that will always stay in equilibrium, and by reducing blood THC-COOH levels and forcing it out of the fat, the ratio has been thrown off and more from the fat must be converted. I specifically mention “ratio” because I know if you are getting THC blood tested vs. urine, it will only show up in your blood a couple of days after versus sometimes 30+ days in urine.

    In your article you mention that around as much as 3mg of THC will be excreted into the GI tract on a daily basis, and that this amount is what the activated charcoal is binding to. I wonder though since most people smoke weed in the magnitude of grams rather than miligrams, which is then stored in fat later on, how much this process actually speeds up detoxing your body from THC. Hopefully it is more than the myth sweating/exercising method that really only contains ~3% of your body’s THC (I think that’s what you said before).

    I would love for another study with activated charcoal to be done on patients that have already been smoking weed for a prolonged time, thus having it in their fat as opposed to the intravenously injecting THC method merely hours before results were taken.

    • Prof of Pot says:

      You pretty much have it right. There is a specific ratio between fat and blood that any drug or metabolite wants to be at. If your body wasn’t constantly clearing it, then this ratio would be achieved and then the drug wouldn’t go anywhere. However, as you are constantly clearing the drug/metabolite from your blood, the blood levels are always a little lower and this equilibrium is always a little off. So the drug/metabolite then moves from fat to blood to move levels towards the ratio.

      The blood versus urine tests are pretty different because the blood test measures THC and the urine test measures THC metabolites. THC levels in blood fall below detectable limits fairly quickly, but the THC metabolites stick around for a lot longer. These tests are apples and oranges. There is not really much you can do for a blood THC test, but thankfully they are rare.

      For your last question, it will make more sense after you read an article I will be writing soon. The basic idea is that the majority of THC is converted into other metabolites that do not go into urine and are not detected in drug tests. Only a small fraction ends up as the THC-COO-glucuronide metabolite, but this is the one that matters and it is the one whose levels you need to decrease as much as possible. So 3 mg isn’t a lot relative to the total amount of THC you may consume, but 3 mg is a significant amount relative to the amount of the relevant metabolites that your body forms from it.

  19. Carl says:

    Hi I find the information interesting, but a crucial factor is left out.
    In the graph ” THC-COO-glucuronide metabolite excreted into the urine “.
    How much is around 600 ug in ml? Control graph.

    If I want to pass a Cannabis test 20 ng/ml (THC), with the activated charcoal method.
    I need to know how much THC-COO-glucuronide is in ug/ml, convert it into ng/ml and calculate how much activated charcoal I need to ingest and how many days I need to abstain from Cannabis, and hydrate and take B12, B6.

    • Prof of Pot says:

      I don’t think you can directly apply the data from this study to your own personal situation. Everybody has ingested different amounts of THC, metabolizes different amounts of THC to glucuronide, and excretes different amounts of glucuronide into the bile. I think activated charcoal will help everyone to some extent, but you can’t just perform a calculation to see how much you need. I wish it were that simple!

  20. Heavy J says:


    You are the only online resource that is not pure garbage. I was a heavy heavy user. Probably as extreme as it gets. Ounce of AAAA every week or so. Coupled with co2 oil. I am on day 30 of being clean. Only used the charcoal method last two weeks. I have been taking it 4 days a week. After buying the recommended 5 level thc test today I was shocked that I am only failing the 50. There is a super faint line at the 10o my guess is that my levels are between 50 and 100. If I drink 3 16 oz glasses of water I pass the 50ng/ml level as well. I’m not skinny I’m 5 10 215lbs. So I think I will be passing the 50ng/ml within the next week without drinking the 48 oz of water beforehand. I used white charcoal. So 40 days for a overweight extreme user has to be some sort of record. I really think it was the charcoal coupled with my vegetable/high fiber diet. The fact you don’t endorse anything but the test kits is a real welcome bonus. Thanks for all your help. I will let you know the exact amount of days it takes me to clear When I get there for your research. Thanks again

  21. Dave says:

    Hay doc,
    Ive read all the post but noone has come back and said they passed!
    Ive been 33 days clean and will have 40 days clean at time of drug test that determins my future.
    Im pretty concerned.
    Im 5’11” tall.
    170 lbs with little belly fat.
    I exercised and sauna a werk till my free trail expired.
    Been taking 60 capsules a day for four days then off one day for two weeks. Eating veggies and oatmean every meal.
    Now taking five black activated charcoal 530 mg each. Once a day.
    Can i take these up to the day before the test or even the day of the test?
    I was thinking of eating lots of bacon with fat the day of the test.
    I wish you could tell me honestly ill pass but i know its imposdiable.
    I got the walgreens drug test to test before i go and if i show positive im not going… It would take me another 30 days to be clean.
    Ive spent lots of money on test and now cant afford it…
    I gov. Grants on the line and my future.
    Dave. The cronic smoker

    • Prof of Pot says:

      Individual people have emailed me and said they passed, but I don’t think it makes much difference either way. Only a controlled scientific study will tell you if they passed *because* of what they did.

      Yes, you should take the activated charcoal even on the day of the test.

      Unfortunately, there is no way I can say if you will pass. People ask me this all the time, but it is impossible to say. The only way to know is to test yourself since everybody is different.

      • Dave says:

        For two weeks i took AC. When I took the AC i broke the pills and emptied them in a glass then filled with water.
        Does the AC still have the good absorbing energy,?

        Noting; i took a home test this morning and it came back Negative for THC. The home test was not your suggested test coz i didnt see that link till later.

        The THC line was much darker red than the barely pink line that show neg. So, im sceptical and think the walgrees test is a draw for more money to have it lab tested is my guess.

        The test I’m preparing for is at Med.Clenic and scientific.
        If it meadires Coo (i think its called) does it go beyond home test?
        I added two questions and thaks so much for giving us your dedication to the colum and attention.

        • Prof of Pot says:

          It doesn’t matter how you take the AC, whether in pills or as a powder.

          It is ok to use a different home test. The one that I link to I like because it measures different concentrations at the same time. This will give you way more information about where your levels are at.

          Different labs may have different cutoffs. It is common for the initial screening to be at 50 ng/mL, but you should try to verify. I don’t have the information on all of the different labs, so you should google it or even call them and ask (maybe don’t give your name when you do this though!).

  22. Smokey Joe says:

    I’m “average” about 175, 5’11” somewhat active every few days, and only vape. But I vaped CO2 concentrated on a daily basis. Multiple times daily.

    I’m currently on day 84 clean. I still don’t pass the 20ng test but started passing the 50ng about 15 days ago. I’ve basically read all your testing articles, great content – thank you!

    I’ve done the Activated Charcoal treatment for 2 weeks and am now beginning to simply take it every day. It doesn’t taste like much when you take it with water – just a silty texture. I take a big heaping teaspoon – I have no idea how much it weighs. It’s probably about 20 capsules worth per dosing.

    I take a prescription for adderall, which I understand is a diuretic – so sometimes my mouth feels dry even when I drink. However, I don’t always drink that much water daily.

    Question 1: Could this be one reason it’s taking a while?

    Have you seen ? Neat site. I’m hoping to be in the 90th percentile of people in my “class” who test clean by day 90.

    Question 2: What is the expected approximate “half-life” of THC basically to get from 50ng to 25ng? Then 20ng?

    I am having a life insurance test that involves both a blood (non THC) AND urine test. So…drinking a whack of sugar loaded electrolyte powder before my test is a no go. I have both adulteration strips and a bunch of THC 20ng test strips.

    Question 3: What can I drink that won’t throw off blood test reults with high glucose levels but maintains a decent creatinine and sprecific gravity result? Salt? Potassium? I understand they will probably tell me I will need to fast about 8 hours and drink only water.

    Great site – other than the calculator site I mentioned above – there’s no other site that compares to your level of thought, analysis and recommendations. Thank You!

    • Prof of Pot says:

      1- Yes, I have seen that calculator and I linked to it in another comment somewhere. I think it is a good general guide, but the problem is that the range can be incredibly wide. Not that it is a problem with the calculator itself, it just represents how different people are.

      2- I would have to go pull some more data to answer this accurately. But like with the everything, everybody is different. One of the reasons that I like the test strips I link to above is that they measure different concentrations and you can get a sense of your clearance rate. The time to go from 100 to 50 ng/mL should be about the same as the time it takes to go from 50 to 25 ng/mL.

      3- I would try to find an electrolyte mix or drink that has just the electrolytes and not the sugar. Sorry, I don’t know any brands off the top of my head. Otherwise, I would just reduce the dilution amount, but do a test run first to make sure you will be good with the specific gravity.

  23. Heavy J says:

    Activated charcoal works. Went from the max range of the test( greater than 1000ng/ml) to below 50 ng/ml in 38 days. No way I would of got there without charcoal. I dont have a fast metabolism. I’m overweight and smoked more AAAA bud than snoop dog. I blazed more than a zip of Chronic per week coupled with c02 oils vaping all day everyday. Smoked 99 percent of days for 20 plus years. I took between 2 to 3 grams of activated charcoal before almost every meal for close to 2 weeks. A few breaks in there. I have been pooping activated charcoal non stop for the last 2 weeks. I have passed 6 straight home tests without dilution. Dark yellow urine is showing a line instantly.i have been eating a large 7 vegetable spinach salad almost everyday during these 5 weeks.i also had 4 green teas per day. The profofpot saved my 6 figure job. I truly believe in the charcoal. Forget anything else. Listen to the prof. I encourage anyone else to let the prof know if it works for them. Maybe I am an exception but I doubt it. Unfortunately I am on 2 years of randoms so I am probably done blazing.

    • Heavy J says:

      Lab results came back as my work always sends them away. Lab results stated a pass as well. Activated charcoal worked for me. I highly recommend it for anyone who has the time before their test. Back to work tomorrow. That is prof you are the only source on the internet worth listening to.

  24. Old Hippy says:

    The doc tests me for thc and pain killers (hydrocodone)along with others that i don’t take anyway. Will the AC block me from testing positive for pain killers? I have to have that in my system in order to get pain killers. Or should I do what I do now is take a pain killer a couple of hours before my test? So what I want is the THC gone and pain killers to remain. Thanks! My last test said cannabinoids + and carboxyTHC U 87 ng and for pain meds Opiate Class U + and Hydrocodone 896 ng

    • Prof of Pot says:

      The AC may block the absorption of any opiates. So I would stagger the dose and the AC. For example, take the hydrocone first thing in the morning, then take AC 2 hours later.

      • Old Hippy says:

        Ty much I also want to use the AC to clean out other toxins that may be in my system such as aluminum and others. I will try the staggered dose Thanks

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